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(Trigger warning for offensive comments about weight and transgendered people) Some Asshole Is Mad That Chaz Bono Is Going To Be On Dancing With The Stars 

I hate people. I really, really do. And I am sick and fucking tired of people acting like anyone who is not straight and cis-gender is not only not “family-friendly” (what the fuck), but ~flaunting~ their ~alternative lifestyle~. What the hell does that even mean? And not only that, to say such a horrible things about his weight? Fuck all of you. Stuff like this makes me too angry to form something coherent. 

I don’t even care about this stupid show but to say such horrible things… and I mean, I honestly have to wonder sometimes what planet people are living on, where “the gays” are out to eat their children or something. I honestly wonder what some of these people think anyone who is not straight and/or cis-gender does all day. Like we all sit in our rooms and plot how to snatch away unsuspecting victims, all while having non-stop kinky sex. Like we’re not, oh, I don’t know, normal people with normal lives. 

#chaz bono #dancing with the stars #lgbtqpia #trans* #transgender #are more people upset about chaz bono than nancy grace? seriously?

  1. etchpea said: hey, speak for yourself! I totally sit around all day having hot kinky queer sex while plotting about how to convert children into superhomofags
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